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Takeaway: These 3 videos summarize our top Macro calls that Wall Street completely missed.

FLASHBACK: McCullough On Wall Street Predictions, Audacity Of Central Planners & Long Bonds - consensus cartoon 07.29.2015

Macro markets are melting down. Wall Street completely missed it. Meanwhile, we've been hammering home these risks for a while now. Below are three videos from the Hedgeye vault that nicely lay out our market calls. 

1. "Whoops! A Look Back At Some of Wall Street’s Worst Predictions This Year" (12/15/2015)

We've been talking about #LowerForLonger (rates) for a while now. Wall Street's 2016 prediction for the yield on the 10-year Treasury is 3%. Today, it's at 1.6%.

2. "McCullough: Central Bankers Have Lost Control, Setting Stage For Market Crash" (2/26/2015)

We don't have much faith in central planners here at Hedgeye. Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough continues to reiterate that "the biggest macro market risk is believing the Fed's serially overoptimistic forecasts."


3. McCullough: My Thoughts on Doug Kass’ Short Bonds Call (4/2/2015)

Some investors called shorting Long Bonds (TLT) the "trade of the decade." That's not working out too well with long bond yields crashing. That's been bullish for our long TLT call, which is up +17% versus down -8% for the S&P 500.