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Takeaway: Please note we are removing Federated Investors (FII) from Investing Ideas

We don’t win them all.

Here's a brief note from Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on removing Federated Investors from Investing Ideas:

“I've had to learn the hard lesson of letting losers run way too many times in my career to allow it to happen with my one obvious loser in 2016. So, on the bounce that I thought we'd get off of yesterday's US Equity Beta low of the day (where we covered SPY and bought Federated for a trade in Real-Time Alerts), I will say goodbye to the FII.


As a Sector Style Factor, Mr. Macro Market does not like the Financials (XLF). And neither do I.


Bottom line: Staying with this one has obviously been a mistake. And while I don't think our Financials analyst Jonathan Casteleyn is wrong on the idea that Money Market Fund Flows continue (great for Federated) as the stock market crashes, being long this (or any US Financial in 2016) has been wrong.”

FII: We Are Removing Federated Investors From Investing Ideas - federated