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Takeaway: Old Wall and its click-bait media has failed America.

We’ve heard some whoppers in our day, but what went down on Twitter yesterday may take the cake.

In short, a number of people completely mischaracterized a tweet Hedgeye CEO and Founder Keith McCullough wrote late in the afternoon. It ended up with a swarm of trolls accusing him of kicking a man who had just lost his job at Bloomberg.  

Let’s set the record straight.

Here’s the tweet that ignited the fireworks.

Setting the Record Straight - z bberg 2

As you can see above, McCullough’s tweet was directed at Bloomberg—not the recently laid off employee who emailed him. This was lost on the trolls.

As many people know by now, Keith has been increasingly critical of Bloomberg News and its “click-bait strategy” premised on peddling “a false economic narrative.” It’s clear to anyone paying attention that Bloomberg has made a series of poor editorial decisions over recent years. It appears that this may be finally catching up and costing people their jobs.

Most importantly… like the old-line media that Keith has been taking to task, Keith’s accusers only see their own prejudices and don’t bother to dig beneath the surface. While the haters were attacking him in earnest, Keith had already personally replied back to the laid off employee. In fact, Keith had thanked him for his email and offered to set up a job interview with him.

Setting the Record Straight - z bberg 3

Keith’s issue all along was with Bloomberg. It was never about the individual let go by them.

Setting the Record Straight - z bberg 4

Setting the Record Straight - z bberg 5

Setting the Record Straight - z bberg 6

The bottom line according to McCullough:

“What does an organization that is struggling as a result of selling fiction instead of truth deserve?  These left-leaning journos don't want the truth, they want a story. Real investigative research and journalism is a huge employment opportunity for truth seekers. Old Wall and its click-bait media has failed America. Bloomberg's strategy failed - so now they lay people off, and I give every honest soul who deserves one an interview. We're going to continue interviewing and hiring those they failed.”

Setting the Record Straight - z bberg 7