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By now you've almost certainly read or heard the highly-anticipated Fed "news."

No rate hike.

With a global slowdown (which we called well before our competition and the Fed for that matter) and nervous financial markets staring them in the eyes, our omnipotent central-planners blinked and held its key federal funds rate unchanged. 

What you may not have know is that our subscribers were prepared. We have been on record for many months now (please see examples below) calling for precisely what the Fed said today:

Lower. For. Longer.

We Made the Contrarian "Lower-For-Longer" Call - Growth cartoon 06.03.2015

(Cartoon above originally published on June 3, 2015)

On a related note, here's a tweet Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough wrote around the same time:

We Made the Contrarian "Lower-For-Longer" Call - z km 99

Fast-forward to earlier this afternoon, McCullough tweeted the following:

"Yellen is simply not as good at her forecasting job as Hedgeye is."

Now, some people may interpret that as braggadocio. We respectfully disagree. What's going on right now in the U.S. and around the globe is serious business affecting real people from all walks of life.

Our proactive macro team has been all over this non-consensus, "lower-for-longer" Fed rate hike and growth-slowing call. We were contrarian and we were correct.


Take a look at the video below from The Macro Show. It's callled "The Fed Is Going To Be Lower (Easier) For Longer" and was released this past spring. It shows what our contrarian macro team led by McCullough has been warning about for some time now.

We invite you to take a deeper look at our contrarian research. Click here to learn more about how you can begin getting a step or two ahead of the herd and protect your portfolio.

There's a better way. We promise.