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Check out Oprah's web site, and the snapshot below. I said it before and I'll say it again -- this team 'gets marketing.'  Their shift to a consumer-direct traffic-driving approach instead of a 'throw a bunch of stuff against  the wall and see what sticks' mentality is a winner.

Linking itself to Oprah is not a complete unknow to those following the story closely. But what I care most about is whether this is in numbers. And it is not. Cost to PSS was not meaningful. Revenue benefit will be.

Remember, the story here is that strategies like this are taking PSS' traffic higher while avg selling price heads up. WMT is downsizing footwear. Costs of goods continue to come down, and wholesale brands are starting to work.

I repeat -- numbers are too low.

PSS: Oprah Likes Payless Too - 10 29 2009 1 10 35 PM