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Takeaway: We are adding General Mills (GIS) to Investing Ideas today.

Please note we are adding General Mills (GIS) to Investing Ideas today. Below is a brief note from CEO Keith McCullough. Our analyst will provide an additional update this weekend.

GIS: Adding General Mills to Investing Ideas - z gen

I've been waiting, patiently, for a selloff to the low-end of my SP500 risk range - and today we have that...

Re-building the long book of ideas will also be a process. Today, in addition to PENN, I want to add one of Howard Penney's Best Long Ideas, General Mills (GIS).

The following is a summary of our 92-page Black Book on General Mills.  We believe there are multiple ways to win:

  1. The current management transforms into an Activist management team - 15% chance
  2. Fundamentally – Gluten Free Cheerios is  a home run – 20% chance
  3. Management sells the company – 15% chance
  4. An Activist shareholder takes a position  – 50% chance

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