On days like today, when my macro view puts me in sell mode, I'm looking for names to short that are up. VFC gets today's nod.

Of course, it's always accommodative to have the dynamic duo of Barron's and Cramer recommending you buy it within the last week. Cramer is really having some performance problems by the way.

With only 2.3% of the shares held short, this company has been one of Wall Street's favorites in Consumer land. The problem there is implied, and creates opportunity to the downside, particularly when the Street's Q3 estimates are as far away from reality as they are from ours. There are 10 sell siders with estimates on VFC - no one has a sell on it, and an all time high of 67% of ratings are either BUY or Overweight (according to Factset).

Capital Research filed on it, and their 5.6% ownership in the company looks ripe to be sold down if we are right on the Q3 miss.

*Full Disclosure: I am now short VFC in my fund.

(chart courtesy of stockcharts.com)