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Its spooky how much athletic footwear sales are lagging behind apparel sales and total retail sales.

Another week down and footwear remains in a steady state of decline while apparel and total retail sales surge. Part of the relative strength in apparel is licensed apparel, as we noted earlier. We’re also seeing strength in cold weather apparel across the board.  Think about it… when it gets cold earlier in the season like we have see recently, you buy apparel, not a $200 pair of snow boots. But even after all the puts and takes, the weak athletic footwear trends are notable in light of strength we’re seeing in other footwear channels (like Payless, DSW, and Department Stores).

Zach Brown

Darius Dale

Scary Footwear/Apparel Bifurcation Continues - 1

Scary Footwear/Apparel Bifurcation Continues - 2

Scary Footwear/Apparel Bifurcation Continues - 3