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Takeaway: Port disruption/potential strike can only hasten NKE's plan to diversify manufacturing base. KATE Saturday partnership with NB.


Footwear industry warns of ‘catastrophe’ if U.S. West Coast ports shut down


Takeaway: The title of this article borders on ridiculous, as it would be a catastrophe for a few dozen industries (not just footwear), as well as the balance of US/Asia trade if the West Coast Ports shut down. But that's exactly why they will not shut down.

That said, continued interruptions are probable, which we're not sure is a bad thing in the footwear space. Keep in mind that Nike is on the verge of rolling out broader footwear production for FlyKnit product (non-labor intensive) in the US, and closer to the point of sale in other developed markets.  We can only think that problems with product delivery at the ports can only hasten Nike's plan to diversify its manufacturing base.  

Retail Callouts (1/16): NKE, AdiBok, KATE, DG, TIF - 1 16 chart1

KATE - Kate Spade Saturday/New Balance Partnership

Takeaway: This is Saturday's 2nd partnership of 2015. The first with West Elm debuted earlier this month and the 2nd (pictures below) with New Balance just went live. These partnership have zero downside for KATE. West Elm is carrying the load on the home wares side and the New Balance collection is featured in just 10 stores nationwide with an e-comm presence. They can't damage what does not exist in the event that this initiative goes South. 

Retail Callouts (1/16): NKE, AdiBok, KATE, DG, TIF - 1 16 KSS



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