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Quick Takeaway from Hedgeye's Brian McGough:

This new Nike Flash campaign is a bigger deal than the financial press will give it credit for. It's geared largely toward running, and as shown in the pictures below, the product literally glows when under a light (most notably -- a car's headlights for people who run early morning and at night). The jacket shown below retails for just under $500, and the shoes between $100-$150.

Most notable here is that the old way of doing things at Nike is that the company would come out with a shoe, or a shirt, and they would literally have nothing to do with one another -- and that's because the footwear and apparel organizations did not come out of their silos. But now the product is integrated in design, manufacturing, logistics, and presentation at retail. 

This collection will only be available at Nike online and Nike retail stores. Sorry, Foot Locker.  

New 'Nike Flash' Campaign Is a Bigger Deal Than Financial Media Thinks - n9