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Market shares shifted a bit sequentially but nothing material.

Total shipments into North America increased sequentially to 20k from 16k in 1Q09

  • We estimate new and expansion units decreased to 8,700 from 11,000 in 1Q09 and 22,500 in 2Q08
  • Replacements and Canadian shipments had a sequential uptick to 10,700 from roughly 5,000 in 1Q09 and 7,350 last year

Market shares:

  • IGT: 35%, level with last quarter and down from 41% y-o-y
  • WMS: 23%, down from 25% last quarter but up from 19% last year
  • BYI: 20%, up from 17% last quarter and level with last year
  • ALL: 1H09 results were at 12% up from 10% last year

Other “trends”

  • WMS looks capable of maintaining its share between 20% and 25% in NA especially considering the positive feedback we've been getting from the operators
  • BYI share appears to have flattened at approximately 20%
  • IGT have stabilized at around 35%
  • ALL seems to be gaining traction with its new Viridian cabinet

The chart below summarizes our slot ship share estimates for Q209:

                                                                           2Q09 SLOT SHIP SHARE  - slot suppliers na marketshare rg