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Macau is hopping in August but it doesn’t seem to be visa related.

Our guys on the ground are telling us that it’s pretty difficult to get a cab these days in Macau.  The Mass floors are packed.  “It’s like the old Macau again”, we’ve been told.  By “old” Macau, they are referring to last year.  We’re pretty sure there hasn’t been any visa tweaking by Beijing.  Rather, the drivers are:

  • Venetian arena – The Venetian is holding more events at the arena including concerts and other shows.  Some of the acts have been big draws.
  • “Holiday Season” – July tends to be a month where many kids are in summer school.  Families visit in August.
  • Stock market/economy – The Hong Kong stock market has bounced back and the economy has stabilized.  The Chinese stock market is booming. 
  • City of Dreams growing the Mass market

Even though we are only half way through the month the August number are looking pretty good.  Anecdotally, the Wynn Macau floor has been particularly busy.