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While an ugly report was expected, on a hold-adjusted basis, June was positive. 

As we noted before, we believed June was affected by low hold.  Adjusting for direct play, market hold was 2.8% vs 3.0% in June 2013.  Assuming normal hold (3.0%) in both June periods, June GGR would have grown +1% YoY.  While VIP volume fell almost 10%, the biggest decline since May 2009, June mass revenues continued its strong performance of 27% YoY growth – although it was slower than the growth seen from Jan-May 2014 of +37%

VIP was certainly the story in June.  MPEL had a disastrous June, owning to poor VIP performance and very low hold.  Galaxy was easily the best performer, despite lower VIP hold.



Here are some takeaways:


  • Mass revenues grew 27%, off of a 31% comp
  • Rolling Chip (RC) volume tumbled 10%, worst performance since May 2009
  • VIP revenues fell 17%, its worst performance since June 2009
  • Slots revenue grew 2%
  • Assuming normal hold in both periods, GGR would’ve grown +1% YoY 


  • GGR grew 4% YoY – the slowest rate since Sept 2011
  • The LVS properties held at 3.3%, higher than the 2.8% seen in June 2013
  • Still, VIP revenues fell 14% and RC dropped an alarming 28%, the worst performer in the market
  • One would expect high hold to negatively impact volumes but not this much
  • Mass grew 25%, the slowest rate since February 2012 


  • GGR declined 10%
  • WYNN held 2.7% on VIP vs 3.0% last June
  • WYNN VIP revenues dropped 26% while RC volume fell 20%
  • Thanks to easy comps, mass growth of 55% led the market.  For Q2 2014, WYNN mass have grown 48%.


  • GGR declined 10% for the 2nd consecutive month
  • MGM held close to normal, in-line with last June
  • Mass growth of 39% is relatively consistent with the YTD average growth
  • VIP revenue and VIP volume fell 23% and 21%, respectively.


  • Held well below normal on VIP (2.1%) compared with 3.2% last June
  • MPEL had the worst GGR performance at -20%, worst performance since June 2009
  • RC volume continues to be a major drag – falling double digits for the 4th consecutive month
  • Mass grew 34%, in-line with recent trends


  • Galaxy’s +6% GGR growth is what kept the market from tumbling further.  It was the best performer despite lower hold.
  • Hold was 2.8% vs 3.3% last June
  • Mass grew only 17% - the slowest in the market
  • Galaxy was the clear winner in the VIP race with RC volume growing 19% and VIP revenue up 2%