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Takeaway: 60% voted for Clear Spirits, 40% voted for Brown Spirits.

Hedgeye’s Consumer Staples team is interested in consumption trends of spirits as part of its alcoholic beverage coverage universe. So for today’s poll, we wanted to know what you're consuming more of this year; brown spirits (whisky, scotch, bourbon, brandy, cognac) or clear spirits (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, sake). Our poll question was straightforward:

Are you drinking more brown spirits or clear spirits this year versus last?

At the time of this post, 60% voted for Clear Spirits, 40% voted for Brown Spirits.

Those who voted for Clear Spirits had this to say:

  • I drink both bourbon and gin and have enjoyed exploring many of the new boutique products in both categories, but have spent more time exploring the gins.  There a simply a lot more to choose from now than a year or two ago.
  • I like to nurse scotch in the winter, but prefer clearer spirits in mixed drinks over the spring and summer, even leading into the early part of the autumn.  It's a seasonal issue.

Voters who chose Brown Spirits had this to say:

  • Recently, I have settled down a bit and my trend is more towards darker spirits, but much less consumption.  Back in my high consumption and possibly alcoholic days, I would consume large amounts of clear spirits. So overall, I think clear spirits have more potential to be consumed in mass, and if I were to suddenly decide to get re-open that can of worms, it would probably be back to the clear spirits if I were planning on buying in bulk and also consuming in bulk.
  • I'm not a character from Sex and The City. Clear spirit guys, enjoy your cosmopolitans with the little umbrellas!