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Takeaway: 66% said YES; 34% said NO.

Hedgeye Gaming, Lodging & Leisure analyst Dave Benz waxed philosophically about markets and the distinct possibility that California Chrome may win the 146th Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown this weekend in today’s Morning Newsletter.

But we wanted to know what you thought, so today’s poll question was: Will California Chrome win the Triple Crown?

Poll of the Day Recap: 66% Think California Chrome Will Win the Triple Crown - cc2

At the time of this post, 66% said YES; 34% said NO.

People who voted YES said they think California Chrome will win the Triple Crown because:

  • “Skechers is endorsing California Chrome (no joke). So naturally, that means that the horse will win. We all know that SKX is a bastion of excellence that only knows how to win. Therefore, the laws of logic tells us that all who are affiliated with SKX -- both man and horse -- must therefore be winners too.”
  • “In my heart I hope. Such a great story. Great for Horse racing and sports and the nation. There will be 10 other's gunning for the win. California Chrome by 10 lengths.”
  • “California weather for a California horse... I have from a source that the field is just too weak to beat this horse.”
  • “If this horse can win it all then so can ‘we.’ Will signal extended bull-horse market.”
  • “There's not that much to beat. If he feels good, he'll win.”
  • “If he's healthy he wins easily.”

However, NO voters expressed these reasons for their choice:

  • “Big tree fall hard - Cali Chrome would have lost the Preakness given another furlong which you will get at the big track on Long Island. San Antonio Spurs in 6 and the LaLa Kings in 5 (sadly) while I am at it.”
  • “I don’t know anything about horse racing, but I know everyone seems to be counting on this to happen.  In my experience, a ‘sure thing’ often isn't.”
  • “Belmont is a very long track...”
  • “History is against it!”