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Takeaway: 89% NO; 11% YES.

Oil prices are surging – meaning higher prices at the pump – just in time for Memorial Day weekend when Americans are being taxed six-ways to Sunday from rent to food. It’s just another sign of #InflationAccelerating. So while every car-owning American who fills up the tank may be feeling the pinch, we wanted to know how it’s affecting your holiday.

Today’s poll question was: As a result of rising gas prices, are you planning to change your Memorial Day plans?

Poll of the Day Recap: 89% Say Gas Prices Not a Factor in Memorial Day Plans - flags 891055a

At the time of this post, an overwhelming 89% of voters said NO; 11% said YES.

Of those who voted NO, voters explained their various reasons:

  • “While higher gas prices will not affect my Memorial Day plans, it has definitely affected my normal day to day driving habits.”
  • “Working class travelers have adjusted their monthly budgets to current prices. Gas prices need to be .50 higher to have the same effect as seen in 2008.”
  • “What's a few extra dollars at the pump between friends??”
  • “I am numb to higher gas prices after at least 5 years at these inflated levels.”
  • “Not sure the price of gas is the swing factor, but it will impact how much the average consumer has left over to spend on potato salad and Bud Light!”
  • “We were already planning to not go anywhere.  The price of gas is generally not a factor in our travel decisions.”

Conversely, as one YES voter said, “I'd rather not go anywhere than spend $200 roundtrip on gas. It's pure insanity."