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Consensus estimates, management guidance and commentary, and questions for management in preparation for the earnings release/call tomorrow.


  • EBITDA:  $363 million
  • Revenues: $1.37 billion
  • EPS: $0.41


  • May Golden Week trends
  • Chinese macro concerns
  • Rolling Chip volume down significantly the past few months - what is going on with your junkets?
  • Commentary on why your mass market share has trended to its lowest level since Jan 2013
  • Are the new developments (e.g.new slot high limit, entertainment upgrade) paying dividends?
  • Japan update
  • Is there a threshold for how high premium mass hold can reach?
  • Any labor (dealer) issues expected at MSC?
  • Thoughts on capital return to shareholders


Premium Mass:

  • Performance continues to be driven by the strength in mass-market table games operations at City of Dreams, which once again outperformed the market both in total mass table GGR growth and importantly on a GGR per mass table basis.

Luck-adjusted margins:

  • Company-wide commitment resulted in expanding luck-adjusted margins for the 10th quarter in a row.


  • Continue to look at the EBITDA generation per table
  • The VIP segment in Altira continues to go up and flow up and is in the right direction.

CoD Manila

  • Middle 2014 opening date

Studio City

  • On track to open in mid-2015

  • Targeting a topping out of the entire property and the hotel tower around late-summer, early September.

  • On budget

5th CoD Hotel Tower

  •  The project is expected to open in early 2017. With 40 floors and a gross floor area of 150,000 square meters, the tower houses approximately 780 guestrooms, suites and villas exceeding 5 star standards. The hotel also includes a variety of meeting and event facilities and distinctive features, including a 30m high lobby atrium, selection of restaurants, spa, ultra lounge and sky pool.

Dividend policy

  • Distribute 30% of net income 

Philippines tax situation

  • Working very closely with PAGCOR

High premium mass hold rate at CoD

  • It's very, very sustainable, especially in a sense that we see a lot of demand from this premium segment.

New developments  

  • New high-limit slot area near Crown Tower on ground casino floor
  • Developing a more like entertainment combined with the F&B concept area on second floor

CoD opex

  • Nothing unusual to speak of, in operating expense at City of Dreams. Revenue growth obviously outpaced cost growth; been very pleased with how things are trending and how CoD is able to maintain costs.

1Q Non-operating guidance

  • D&A:  $95-100m

  • Corp expense: $24-26m

  • Consolidated net interest expense: $31-33m (includes finance lease interest of $11m (CoD Manila and $17m interest expense associated with Studio City).

  • Cap interest:  $18m