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Here's the quote of the day -- live from the TBL conf call. Jeff Shwartz at TBL is just flat-out angry. He just lost his rock star teamate (Gene McCarthy) who is one of the best brand-builders in the business right now. When I hear this I get even more pumped about Gene being at UA today.

"It's 10 minutes to 9 on the 29th and I'm finished with the arrogant conversation from Timberland about we are restricting the allocation. It sounds terrific, but the bottom line is we have a clean distribution network and we are out in the world fighting for every pair of orders we can get with consumers. The speechifying about -- we will make it harder for you to get. That crap is done. My view is we have a clean, balanced distribution network of retail partners we want to do business with and we are interested in serving consumers. We are not going to stuff the channel and we are not going to starve the channel. We're going to serve the consumer."