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Takeaway: 55% said it’s IN-DECLINE; 45% said it’s BOTTOMING.

Poll of the Day Recap: 55% Think China’s Growth In Decline - CFP395049710 115538 copy1

China’s economy grew only 7.4% in the first quarter from a year earlier, according to the Chinese government. But though its growth has slowed to a six-quarter low, there was speculation that the actual number could have been closer to 7% after a recent string of other soft economic numbers.

In today’s poll, we wanted to know how you viewed this situation: Is Chinese growth in decline or is it bottoming?

At the time of this post, 55% said it’s IN-DECLINE; 45% said it’s BOTTOMING.

Of those that voted IN-DECLINE, one noted that “China will publish their 2015 full year GDP in 2 weeks time. #Forwardguidance.”

Another explained, “It doesn't really matter what the official data says. They forecast 7.5%, that's what they'll announce. Question is: is there real demand growth, will there be significant stimulus, what is the credit cycle doing?”

Conversely, over in the YES group, one responder pointed out, “Most countries would love 7.4% growth -- and this doesn't feel like a decline to me.”