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CAT's Energy & Transportation segment (formerly Power Systems) is not easy for outsiders to understand. Hedgeye's Industrials Team will host a call to get a better understating of this specialized segment Today at 11:00am EDT with industry thought leader Jeff Leigh.  


Jeff spent over two decades at Finning, Caterpillar's largest dealer, focused on Power Systems products and aftermarket. The focus of the call will be on reciprocating engines, Power Systems aftermarket, and key end-markets.




  • Power Systems key markets and trends
  • Maintenance and life cycle of CAT reciprocating engines
  • Competitive environment and impact of Tier 4
  • Non-OEM parts
  • Dealer interaction with CAT
  • Background on market development




Based in Vancouver, Canada, Jeff Leigh provides advisory services relating to mobile heavy equipment and power systems, including the use of natural gas as a fuel source.


Jeff has over twenty five years of industry experience. This includes senior roles with Finning, a major Caterpillar dealer, in Western Canada, the UK, and Chile, where Jeff was responsible for sales, parts and service operations, strategic planning, and major projects. As well as with Westport Innovations, where Jeff led an engineering product development team working on mobile cryogenic storage solutions for LNG fueling of heavy equipment in mining, rail, energy systems, and marine applications.


Jeff has led the Power Systems business for Finning Canada was there responsible for major Power Systems projects including mining power stations in Australia and Papua New Guinea, remote utility and mining power stations in the Canadian north, large ship construction in Chile, and the launch of Caterpillar 3500 series gas compression engines in Alberta and BC.



Please send questions for Jeff to during or in advance of today's call.

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