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Dan Holland, PR Director

#TimeStamp Productions

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 1 – Warner Brothers Studios, in conjunction with #TimeStamp Productions, has announced that Wall Street 2.0: The Story of Hedgeye is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on July 1, 2014 with a premiere in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  The film features an Academy-Award winning cast including Patrick Dempsey, Russell Crowe, and Denzel Washington. It was directed by Martin Scorsese, Academy-Award winning producer of The Departed.

This film follows the rise to prominence of Hedgeye Risk Management from the company’s humble beginnings with a handful of employees on the outskirts of Yale University’s campus in New Haven, CT, to their central role in bringing transparency, accountability and trust to Wall Street from the firm’s brand-new global headquarters in Stamford, CT with over 50 employees.

This “David Versus Goliath” drama features Patrick Dempsey in the starring role of CEO Keith McCullough, who, along with his team of hockey playing vagabonds, battle a hodgepodge of conflicted behemoths in the merciless Wall Street trenches. 

In one poignant scene, McCullough sits behind his computer during #TweetShow and calls out CNBC “Mad Money” host and TheStreet.com luminary Jim Cramer for his lack of accountability (#BuyBearStearns). A vicious Twitter war ensues which finally ends with Cramer capitulating, yelling various obscenities and “blocking” the entire team of Hedgeye analysts on Twitter. (Shortly thereafter, Cramer sells LINN Energy in his charitable trust.)

In another scene, maverick Hedgeye Energy Analyst and “Forbes 30-Under-30” notable Kevin Kaiser (played by Justin Bieber) goes head-to-head with Houston-based energy leviathan Kinder Morgan and its billionaire Overlord/CEO Rich Kinder.  A board room shouting match ensues where Kaiser accuses Kinder of drastically under-spending on capital expenditures.  After numerous ad hominem rebuttals (including incessant reminders of Kaiser’s age, and the fact that his Kinder Morgan presentation uses two kinds of font) Kinder beats a hasty retreat as a pipeline explodes in midtown Manhattan.

The finale occurs as Hedgeye Asia Analyst Darius Dale (played by Denzel Washington) bursts onto the floor of high frequency trading firm Virtu with Michael Lewis (played by Michael Lewis). Dale demands to know how Virtu can possibly have a batting average of 99.2% (even higher than Hedgeye’s 80% batting average on Real-Time Alerts).  The scene ends when an FBI agent enters the trading room waving copies of Lewis’s most recent book, “Flash Boys”, and exclaims, “Shut her down boys, it’s rigged.”

Russell Crowe is receiving early Academy Award mention for his brilliant depiction of Hedgeye Director of Research Daryl Jones, a Zen-like presence throughout the film.


Two words for you: Dog sh*t.” -Rich Kinder, Kinder Morgan Letter to Shareholders


“One of the best movies of the year—a bolt of brilliance. Martin Scorsese may have just topped his Wolf of Wall Street masterpiece.” -New Haven Register

“I hate this movie. It failed from the opening scene. I give it an “F.” That said, I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t even plan to. I don’t know anything about it.” -Linette Lopez, Business Insider

“I know Kevin Kaiser. I interviewed Kevin Kaiser on Fox Business. Justin Bieber? He’s no Kevin Kaiser.” -Charlie Gasparino, New York Post


“Hedgeye the Movie is this generation’s Slapshot.  At once a cult classic, and a piercing reflection on our times.” -Yale Daily News

“Will Patrick Dempsey win Best Actor for his portrayal of Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough? Take it to the bank. It doesn’t hurt that Dempsey’s hair looks absolutely gorgeous—almost as good the flow on Hedgeye’s no-nonsense CEO.” -Stamford Advocate


“Good enough movie. One question though: Why did they go with Patrick Dempsey to play McCullough? Ron Duguay makes a lot more sense. Have you seen Duguay’s flow lately? Plugs or not, that guy’s still got it.” -Thunder Bay Chronice-Journal