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Over the long-term I'm bullish on Starbucks. Coupled with Keith's quant factors, we are also risk managers that will actively seek to trade in and out of a stock that has experienced an intense short term move in either direction with unchanged fundamentals. The process uses overlapping durations TRADE, TREND and TAIL, so we have the luxury of picking intermediate entry and exit points while remaining focused on the prize - making money.

From a quant standpoint, SBUX is one of the best looking stocks in consumer using 2/3 of the durations. I believe that fundamentals for Starbucks continue to improve, and there is a catalyst coming for Starbucks when the world realizes that McDonald's McCafe is not taking significant share from SBUX.

Here is the quant set up for SBUX right now:
TREND = 13.22
TAIL = 12.05
TRADE = 14.15 (Only line broken is the immediate term)

SBUX - Looking at the Durations - SBUX levels