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Takeaway: Year-to-date Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough is batting 25 of 29 in his short calls in Real-Time Alerts. That’s an 86% success rate.

Despite a 1% move higher today, the S&P 500 is still down over 4% year-to-date. US #GrowthSlowing and #InflationAccelerating (on the margin) will do that to you.

We don’t run from bears here at Hedgeye. We love them. In fact, we warned our subscribers and called this latest move down. It's time-stamped.

This Thunder Bay Bear Loves His Shorts (and Jorts) - so cute bears

In Real-Time Alerts (one of our four core products designed for individual investors), Hedgeye CEO Keith "Mucker" McCullough has amassed an impressive all-time career batting average just shy of 79% on the short side. Better yet, year-to-date he’s batting 25 of 29 in his short calls. That’s an 86% success rate.

Here’s a look at our recent trades in Real-Time Alerts to give you some perspective.

This Thunder Bay Bear Loves His Shorts (and Jorts) - km6

Hedgeye's affinity for the bear may have something to do with “Mucker” hailing from the mean streets forests of Thunder Bay, Canada. That of course is where bearded men are unafraid to sport the jorts and rock out to Bryan Adams ... and where bears roam free. The jury is still out.

Bottom line. Does it pay to be a Real-Time Alerts subscriber? We’ll let you be the judge.