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Takeaway: We nailed FB.

A little trip down Memory Lane …

FLASHBACK: That Bullish $1 $FB Report  - fb2 

Here's that Bullish Facebook Initiation Report we wrote back on May 17, 2012. It's the one we sold to you for $1 the day before Facebook’s epic IPO. Yes, one dollar. (If we start pricing stock research reports at a buck, #OldWall is going to have major margin pressure.)

CLICK HERE for access to the full report.

FLASHBACK: That Bullish $1 $FB Report  - fb yo

Our loathers love to call us out when we make mistakes, but they morph into crickets when we nail it. As we did with FB.

We know it sounds “hokey” to some people, but we believe in this concept called transparency here at Hedgeye. Accountability too. Call us "old-fashioned.” We're cool with that. 

We own our calls - good and bad. Imagine that! Fortunately our winners far outnumber our losers.

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