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Takeaway: Country/sector/asset picking matters in a lower variance, divergent performance environment.

Hedgeye’s Macro Team recently released our Q1 Macro Themes—three key global macro forces we believe will play a dominant role in shaping the markets near term.

 #GrowthDivergences is one.

Looking to the U.S., Europe, China and Japan, we see the heavyweights of the world economy diverging from an economic growth perspective as some countries and/or regions are much further along in the economic cycle than others. We highlight those divergences and identify which countries and/or regions you want to be allocating assets to at the start of the year.

Our macro call is bearing fruit. Take a look.

Got #GrowthDivergences Yet? - Growth Div

The point here is that country/sector/asset picking matters in a lower variance, divergent performance environment.  Some big YTD divergence…and the YTD is only a few weeks old.  

This is a complimentary excerpt from Hedgeye research.

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