We have done another proprietary grass roots survey on the state of breakfast product launches. This latest survey focuses on customer reactions to MCD's new Southern Style Chicken Biscuit breakfast sandwich, which was launched in May. We surveyed over 89 MCD locations across the U.S. The following conclusions can be made from the survey data:

(1) The stores generally indicate the new breakfast sandwiches are well received.
(2) Adoption of the Chicken Biscuit in the Northeast appears to be behind other regions.
(3) A few locations indicated confidently that some customers had tried the sandwich because of the promotion offering a free Chicken Biscuit with purchase of a regular drink, but had continued to purchase it after the promotion ended.
(4) The results were mixed as to whether the Chicken Biscuit is bringing in new customers versus cannibalizing other sandwiches.

  • If you would like to learn more about the comments by region, please call for details.
  • COMMENTS THAT STAND OUT:ME: People still like the sausage biscuit, but the chicken is popular also. NH: It is the same people coming in to buy the chicken; they buy other things with it. NH: The chicken has replaced the sausage biscuit on the menu as number 5, they still sell the sausage but it's not promoted now so people are buying the chicken. MA: After they had a promotion where they gave it away with a free drink, people came back to buy it. MA: It is more popular than the sausage right now because they are advertising the chicken so much. MA: Some people find it bland. CT: The chicken started taking off after the promo. CT: They get some people switching over and some new customers coming in for it. NC: Compared to a similar priced item, like maybe the bacon, egg and cheese, the chicken sells pretty well. I think a lot of people prefer the chicken over pork because it is healthier. NC: New people are coming in for the chicken. NC: The sausage is still more popular, it is only $1 whereas the chicken is a little bit more. SC: They sell more sausage than chicken because it is a price point issue. NM: They have run a promotion, so they're pretty popular right now. NM: They sold 75 chicken yesterday...35 cash, 40 with the coupon. They sold 150 sausage biscuits yesterday. TX: They are selling real well. LA: Relative to new people coming in, no, it's just the regulars. UT: They are good. They are popular. The people that are buying the chicken are a mix of new and regulars. UT: She was pretty sure they sell more sausage than chicken. CO: The sausage, egg and cheese is the most popular, but she sees people switching over to the chicken who would have gotten the sausage before. CO: They are running a coupon on the chicken and they are seeing new faces coming in for the chicken. CO: The sausage, Egg Mcmuffin is the most popular. It is $1, which is a price that everyone can afford.