Critical Quant Signals, Holding

The U.S. Dollar is holding its long-term TAIL risk line of $79.21 support. And the 10-year U.S. Treasury is holding its 2.58% TREND line. Both are critical quantitative signals that matter in my model.


Critical Quant Signals, Holding  - USD   10Y


Don’t forget: The sovereign debt bubble is just as glaring as the Gold bubble was.

Jones: What Next for Twitter?

By Daryl Jones


“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born - that there is a genetic factor to leadership.  That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true.  Leaders are made rather than born.”

-Warren Bennis


We’ve started our work for our October 31st IPO Blackbook on Twitter and digging into a company that was founded in 2006 and already has 215 million monthly users. Talking about going viral in a hurry!


Jones: What Next for Twitter? - tr55


Similar to Facebook, Twitter has that little problem of how to make money.   That attribute aside, the companies are very different, even if much of the conventional media puts them in the same category.   Facebook is a true social network and, as such, is largely closed and limited in terms of how large a network it can become.  On the other hand, Twitter is open, transparent, real-time and has scale.


Twitter is actually a true network in that it creates the network effect.  As an example, when President Obama announce his victory in the 2012 election on Twitter, that Tweet was re-tweeted more than 25 million times.  The most I’ve ever had a tweet re-tweeted was a couple of hundred times, but even there you get the point.  Twitter amplifies your communication.


Analyzing Twitter has also made me consider the importance of leadership in corporate America.  This weekend The New York Times Magazine had an article written by Nick Bilton that was titled, “All Is Fair in Love and Twitter.”  It is one version of the power and leadership struggles that have occurred within Twitter.


Twitter is also a little bit about the American dream.  Take this excerpt from the article for example:


“In 2005, Jack Dorsey was a 29-year-old New York University dropout who sometimes wore a T-shirt with his phone number on the front and a nose ring. After a three-month stint writing code for an Alcatraz boat-tour outfit, he was living in a tiny San Francisco apartment. He had recently been turned down for a job at Camper, the shoe store.”


Dorsey and his co-founders have been largely pushed out of Twitter, though many of them will obviously profit handsomely on the IPO.  Time will tell whether current CEO Dick Costolo is the right man to monetize the Twitter network, but his experience at Andersen Consulting, founding and running Feed Burner (among other start-ups), and working at Google have allowed him to acquire learned leadership assets, to Bennis’ point, that will be critical for Twitter’s future.


Daryl Jones is Global Macro Head at Hedgeye Risk Management.

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Morning Reads on Our Radar Screen

Takeaway: A quick look at some stories trending on our radar screen.

Daryl Jones - Macro

All Is Fair in Love and Twitter (via New York Times)


Morning Reads on Our Radar Screen - twit5


Keith McCullough - CEO

German consumer confidence up as economy brightens (via AP)

Russell 2000 hits all-time high (via CNBC)

UK eases rules for Chinese trading (via BBC)

Look at this 1932 editorial from the NY Times backing fascism > May 22, 1932: Fascism for America (via NY Times)


Brian McGough – Retail

Walmart shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, cleared in EBT glitch (via KSLA)

Apple Hires Burberry CEO as Retail Chief (via WSJ)

Keds Debuts Retail Shop (via WWD)


Jay Van Sciver - Industrials

FedEx Announces 32 Million Share Repurchase Program (via BusinessWeek)


Josh Steiner – Financials

2 'ghost' banks run credit card scam (via SunSentinel)

Corzine makes moves to lift $30M defense-fund cap (via NY Post)


Tom Tobin – Healthcare

Johnson & Johnson Profits Rise on Drug Sales; Beats Estimates (JNJ) (via


Jonathan Casteleyn  - Financials

European M&A news is good for $LAZ$GHL - European M&A operating at just 4.0% of GDP, well below the 8.0% mean > Telefonica in Talks to Sell Czech Stake to Kellner’s PPF (via Bloomberg)

Citi Profit Misses Estimates on Bond Trading, Mortgages (via Bloomberg)


End of World Bluster

Client Talking Points


European stocks nailed this move on the upside inasmuch as Gold did on the downside. Take a look at Germany and Italy. Both the DAX and Italy’s MIB index are hitting new highs this morning. We are long Germany via the EWG with our Q413 #EuroBulls Theme. See our Macro deck from this past Friday for details. Ping if you need assistance.


Both the U.S. Dollar holding its long-term TAIL risk line of $79.21 support and the 10-year U.S. Treasury TREND line of 2.58% holding are critical in terms of the quant signals in my model that matter. Don’t forget. The sovereign debt bubble is as glaring as Gold’s was.


We have had $1271 as our mean reversion downside target since December 2012. It's good to be lucky, but we didn’t lick the finger on that – it was all math. Gold and Silver? Yup, they're down again this morning. Fear fades @ VIX TREND line of 18.98. Thankfully.

Asset Allocation


Top Long Ideas

Company Ticker Sector Duration

WWW is one of the best managed and most consistent companies in retail. We’re rarely fans of acquisitions, but the recent addition of Sperry, Saucony, Keds and Stride Rite (known as PLG) gives WWW a multi-year platform from which to grow. We think that the prevailing bearish view is very backward looking and leaves out a big piece of the WWW story, which is that integration of these brands into the WWW portfolio will allow the former PLG group to achieve what it could not under its former owner (most notably – international growth, and leverage a more diverse selling infrastructure in the US). Furthermore it will grow without needing to add the capital we’d otherwise expect as a stand-alone company – especially given WWW’s consolidation from four divisions into three -- which improves asset turns and financial returns.


Health Care sector head Tom Tobin has identified a number of tailwinds in the near and longer term that act as tailwinds to the hospital industry, and HCA in particular. This includes: Utilization, Maternity Trends as well as Pent-Up Demand and Acuity. The demographic shift towards more health care – driven by a gradually improving economy, improving employment trends, and accelerating new household formation and births – is a meaningful Macro factor and likely to lead to improving revenue and volume trends moving forward.  Near-term market mayhem should not hamper this  trend, even if it means slightly higher borrowing costs for hospitals down the road.


Financials sector senior analyst Jonathan Casteleyn continues to carry T. Rowe Price as his highest-conviction long call, based on the long-range reallocation out of bonds with investors continuing to move into stocks.  T Rowe is one of the fastest growing equity asset managers and has consistently had the best performing stock funds over the past ten years.

Three for the Road


TREASURIES: so much for the Bond Bulls crushing it - 10yr holds @hedgeye TREND support of 2.58% like a champ @KeithMcCullough


There is a strong tendency to get used to and accept very bad things that would be shocking if seen with fresh eyes. -Ray Dalio 


U.S. national debt is now more than 23 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

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