We have done a proprietary grass roots survey on the state of the new Panera (PNRA) breakfast sandwiches. We surveyed over 30 stores in the following states - CT, ME, MA, NY, DE, SC, FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, TN, TX, CO and CA. The following conclusions can be made from the survey data:

(1) The stores generally indicate the new breakfast sandwiches are well received.

(2) In about half the calls, we were given a wide range on the number of sandwiches sold per week - 200 to 500 per week.

(3) On the margin, it appears that the new sandwiches are bringing in new people, but there is clearly people switching from the souffle.

If you would like to see the comments by region please call for the details.
  • She is noticing some new faces in the store asking for the grilled sandwich
    But everybody is trying , Old and New customers
    Customers ask for it even after 10:30 - They want it for lunch too
    The new ones are healthier
    They are very popular in the store right now
    She is positive about new people coming to the store looking for it
    The most popular is the one with sausage
    Much better than the souffle
    But basically the old customers who used to eat the souffle are now trying the sandwiches
    The one with bacon is the best seller
  • They sell about 300 of the grilled sandwiches per week
    They sell about 60 to 80 sandwiches per day
    People still like the souffle but they are more difficult to eat because you'll need utensils
    He said that they were selling 3 to 4 dozen a day.
    She thinks people are switching from the egg souffle for the grilled one
    She is new in the store, but she can say the new sandwiches are really popular - The staff eats it instead of the souffles
    They sell 300 of the grilled sandwiches per week vs. about 200 of the souffle per week
    He thinks everybody is switching because it's healthier and tastes better
    He is observing some new faces but nothing major
    The old customers are the ones changing to the new sandwiches
  • She mentioned that they were selling as well as the souffles . She said this without me asking.
    People are definitely trying the new ones
    They sell about 20 to 25 everyday
    After trying the grilled sandwich some people stay with it and some people go back to the souffle
    It's easier to eat the sandwich
    Everybody wants to try it because it's new
    It's the best thing ever , she said about the new sandwich
    She stills like the souffle
    They are selling about 15 per day (of the new one)
    They are selling basically to the same customers
  • She's not selling so much souffles anymore
    He can't talk to me right now because he's busy
    He also said they've been selling the grilled sandwiches for an year now - it's about even (they sell the same amount of sandwiches and souffles)
    Panera, CO - They don't carry the breakfast sandwiches. He said, we're supposed to be getting them in June/July
    He said, We sell about 50 a day, and about 70 on the weekends.
    They are selling 50 grilled sandwiches per day and they used to sell 60 or more of the souffles per day now they are selling less than 20
    The souffle has a lot of butter and eggs , it's not so healthy
    They sell 80 sandwiches per day and about 17 souffles
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