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Where in the world is Waldo Keith McCullough?

In case you haven’t been following the "Flow from Thunder Bay" on Twitter, Hedgeye’s CEO is mixing it up in Aspen on the front line of growth and innovation at Fortune's Brainstorm TECH conference. The annual event attracts some of the world’s top technology and media thinkers, operators, entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers.

Keith has been tweeting away at the event (see below “McCullough’s Top-10 Tweets” from the Fortune conference.)

Where In the World Is Keith?  - innovation

According to Michael Blum, President of Hedgeye (who is with Keith at the conference), “One of the overarching themes this year is the value and monetization of great content. While a lot of the old media guard took issue with the interpretation of success for these new forms of media, many new business models are attracting the attention of content creators.

Blum added, “Hedgeye's freemium subscription model will continue to demonstrate strong growth as the audience explores new consumption channels.”


  1. "When you catch a winner, a lot of incredible things can happen" -Philipe Laffont #GrowthInvesting #FortuneTech
  2. "I want to back the CEO who doesn't sell stock and thinks he can go all the way" -Bill Gurley #fortunetech
  3. Hard core transparency and accountability drives your potential to learn from mistakes and evolve #FortuneTech               
  4. Does big media get what a new "digital brand" is? It’s their new competition #FortuneTech
  5. In financial markets/economics, most #OldWall media panders to government policy for access #FortuneTech
  6. You'll see more unaccountable market pundits leave Twitter, #FortuneTech style #transparency gets them in the mind
  7. "Twitter engagement people have w/ their audience matters more than size of the audience" -Kosner @espn #FortuneTech
  8. "we don't care if you watch us on TV, as long as the red logo is in the corner" -Zucker on Digital #FortuneTech
  9. "I need to know what the buy-side thinks, b/c I need to sell them stuff" (Bill from Benchmark) true #FortuneTech
  10. "Marketing is now going to be all about the storytelling and the data" -Narayen, CEO $ADBE #FortuneTech @HedgeyeTV

(Speaking of "innovation" ... if you didn't catch Keith on HedgeyeTV's inaugural unveiling yesterday, click here to watch. Note to #OldWall & #OldMedia: Keep your head up, the Hedgeye Revolution has arrived.)