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Takeaway: Nikkei is up a Gozilla-like +43.8% year-to-date.

Take a deep whiff. Again. You smell that? It's the smell of Burning Yens back in the air.

That's what happens when the US Dollar stabilizes on Dovish Ben not being quite dovish enough, and Team Abe and Aso ready to win an election this weekend.

Cue the Nikkei.

Love the Smell of Burning Yens In AM! - NKY

Japan is enjoying a nice +5 day run and was up another +1.3% overnight. In fact, the Nikkei is up a Gozilla-like +43.8% year-to-date. It's the best-looking (liquid) equity market in the world right now next to the USA.

Ahhhh. Nothing quite like the smell of Burning Yens.