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Takeaway: It was another lively day on Twitter. Here's a look at some of the top tweets to Keith.

Twitter war going on between @KeithMcCullough and @jimcramer should get really interesting, have to side with @KeithMcCullough right now

@manufan96 4:17 PM

Top-7 Tweets to Keith Today - tweet2

what I wouldn't give to hear Howard Cosell scream "Down Goes Cramer!"

@yoshfriedman 4:15 PM

$LINE is down 18% since @KeithMcCullough called it a Short on 3/22 #toptrade

@MadFastStreet 1:33 PM

Have to say, you were particularly uncanny in your calls this week - you'd better treat the staff tonight!

@rraydar 4:02 PM

Keith - you're either a psychic or you are controlling the computers at the NYSE . Either way you are the ultimate SPY Ax !

@bdlefan 10:50 AM

@KeithMcCullough needs to be investigated by the SEC how can he be so right

@FreemanGanyo 11:03 AM

actually, the Hedgeye team is not always right they are just less wrong than most on Wall St., a good thing

@jacobmiller860 11:42 AM