Pachinko arcade operator Dynam Japan Holdings Co Ltd says it is looking for business opportunities in Macau’s gaming mass market.  Dynam chairman Yoji Sato as saying the company is in talks about cooperation terms with Macau gaming companies.  However, he said there is no actual agenda yet.

Dynam has 362 pachinko arcades in Japan and has plans to increase its share of the market there by adding 85 gaming arcades this year and next.  The firm is also seeking to change its charter, allowing it to get into restaurants, manufacturing, selling coffee and lending to companies in Japan and overseas.  But it will still concentrate on pachinko arcades.



Trade of the Day: NSM

Takeaway: We sold Nationstar (NSM) at 11:28am this morning at $42.70.

A beauty +5% intraday rip for Hedgeye Jedi Josh Steiner. NSM now moves to immediate-term TRADE overbought (within Steiner’s intermediate-term bullish TREND). We’re booking it. Profits are a good thing.


Trade of the Day: NSM - NSM

Keith's Top-5 Tweets Today

Takeaway: A look at some of Keith's top tweets today.

"Best month in Hedgeye history - big knucks to the fans and foes from New Haven, CT"

@KeithMcCullough 2:33PM


"You know Hedgeye is a cult right? We are crazy - we are accountable to our opinions and everything"

@KeithMcCullough 1:52PM


"Managing the risk of the markets range works in many ways; stay with the bullish bias until everyone capitulates"

@KeithMcCullough 1:24PM 


"Either I'll be really wrong here, or consensus stock bears/gold bulls will be right - game on"

@KeithMcCullough 10:11AM


"Pundits and English majors remain royally confused as to why buying each dip keeps working"

@KeithMcCullough 10:02AM


Keith's Top-5 Tweets Today - tweet

Hedgeye Statistics

The total percentage of successful long and short trading signals since the inception of Real-Time Alerts in August of 2008.

  • LONG SIGNALS 80.43%
  • SHORT SIGNALS 78.34%


Takeaway: HOT and H remain our favorite names in the strong hotel sector

Q2 is good but Q3 should be even better


  • We maintain our rosy outlook on US RevPAR growth for 2013 and beyond.  3Q should experience the best growth of the year.
  • With one week to go, there has been some concern of a slow May - month-to-date, US upper upscale RevPAR growth has been trending ~5%.
  • However, quarter-to-date, UUP RevPAR is tracking up 7.6% - above operators' 2Q guidance of 4.5-7.0% growth. June RevPAR of "only" 5% should bring growth back down into the higher end of that range
  • July should see a surge, up almost 8%, according to our model



Takeaway: We remain strong buyers on the dips. The trend is your friend on the long US equity side.

We’ve been banging the People Aren’t Bullish Enough drum for a while now. We're doing that for a reason.


People haven’t been, and still aren’t long enough. That’s the glaring bottom line right now. Look, the numbers aren’t lying. US growth continues to surprise on the upside. It’s that simple. Just look at the numbers.


This morning’s US jobless claims number fits this trend like a glove. Sure, it was up slightly week-over-week, but don’t miss the forest for the trees folks.  Non-seasonally adjusted claims were better by 8.2% vs last year, as compared with the 8.0% improvement in the previous week. The labor market is improving and it is doing so at an accelerating rate. The trend is your friend here.  


The bears are waiting for the boogeyman. Look, we'll be the first to tell you that there are plenty of things to short out there. We’ll short JGBs and the Weimar Nikkei until the cows come home. We’ve been very clear on that. But the S&P 500 isn’t one of them.


We remain strong buyers on the dips. The trend is your friend on the long US equity side. 

MAY FLOWERS: STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating

Takeaway: The TREND in the economic data continues to confirm our Research and Risk Management views on improving domestic growth.

With the TREND in the economic data continuing to confirm our Research and Risk Management views, the Hedgeye Redundancy Department has been at productive capacity since late November repeatedly highlighting the key factors at work supporting the ongoing improvement in the domestic growth outlook.  We’ll keep it tight here in highlighting May’s macro manifestations of domestic #GrowthAccelerating


First, to be clear, we don’t like everything at every price but, on balance, with the $USD still in bullish formation (Bullish TRADE, TREND, TAIL), commodity deflation persisting, and Labor, Housing & Confidence (and to a lesser extent Credit and now Real Earnings) working reflexively, we continue to like the Dollar and domestic, consumption oriented equities on the long side and Gold, Yen, and the broader commodity basket on the short side.   



INITIAL CLAIMS:  This morning’s Department of Labor data showed NSA claims accelerated to -8.3% y/y growth compared with -8.0% improvement the prior week and -2% two weeks prior.   So, not only is the labor market improving, it is doing so at an accelerating rate at present.  The organic improvement in the underlying labor market YTD has bucked the trend of the past three years, continuing to overwhelm the negative March-to-August seasonal distortion and any sequestration related drag.   


Source: Hedgeye Financials

MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Claims 1


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Claims 2


REAL EARNINGS:  Mirroring the broader TREND in nearly every macro chart, real earnings growth troughed and inflected positively back in November.  The Trend on both a 1Y and 2Y basis remains one of acceleration and with modest comps and persistent commodity deflation, expectations for sustained positive growth appear reasonable.   


We would note that a continued rise in temp and part-time employment growth and corporate attempts to manage worker hours under the 30-hour threshold dictated under Obamacare is a trend we’re monitoring and one which, while positive for employment growth broadly, may serve as a drag to hours worked and weekly earnings growth as we move towards ACA implementation deadlines.   


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Real Earnings 053013


$USD/Commodities:  The Dollar remains in bullish formation and with the domestic growth outlook improving on both an absolute and relative basis, deficit spending declining, and monetary policy more hawkish on the margin, we continue to think the dollar holds further upside.  


With USD correlations to the SPX (+) and Gold/Commodities (-) remaining strong across durations, #StrongDollar, long stocks, short commodities remains the baseline macro strategy playbook.   *Note: Keith bought the dollar via UUP this morning in our Real-time Alerts  


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - DXY 053013


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Gas vs. Real Earnings


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Inflation vs Real Earnings


CONFIDENCE:  The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, Univ. of Michigan Consumer Confidence, and the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index all accelerated in May while making fresh 5Y highs.  As we have highlighted, economic activity relationships with confidence have completely broken down over the last 4 years but, historically, consumer confidence has been a good-to-very good leading indicator for economic activity metrics such as new orders, consumer spending, and money velocity.  A sustained breakout of the trough channel we have been in since 2008 may augur a re-tightening in historical confidence-econ correlations.   


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Consumer Confidence 053013


HOUSING:  Purchase Applications continue to accelerate in 2q13TD despite the recent back-up in rates, the NAHB (Home Builder) HMI advanced in May, Existing Home Sales remain strong and the latest New Home Sales, Pending Home Sales and Home Price (FHFA & Case-Shiller) data all accelerated sequentially. 


Admittedly, the comps on pricing continue to steepen and a significant, expedited back-up in rates may prove a marginal headwind but we continue to view the housing recovery as a multi-year story and wouldn’t view a move from the current low-double digit parabolic recovery to steady high-single digit HPA growth as a material negative.    


Mortgage Application and Pending Home Sales data suggests forward housing activity will remain healthy and, over the next few years, we continue to believe a move towards 2M housing starts represents a high probability scenario.   


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - Purchase Apps


Yield Spread (10’s-2’s):  In so much as a widening in the yield spread = expectations for QE Taper = Improving Domestic Macro is a transitive relationship, the recent expansion in the yield spread would serve as positive confirmation of an improving domestic growth outlook.  The positive price divergence from financials (+4%) MTD, negative divergence from Utilities (-8.7%) MTD and ongoing outperformance for Consumer Discretionary would seemingly concur as well.   


MAY FLOWERS:  STILL LONG #GrowthAccelerating - 2  10 Spread


Christian B. Drake

Senior Analyst 




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