Keith's Top-5 Tweets Today

Takeaway: A look at some of Keith's top tweets today.

"Best month in Hedgeye history - big knucks to the fans and foes from New Haven, CT"

@KeithMcCullough 2:33PM


"You know Hedgeye is a cult right? We are crazy - we are accountable to our opinions and everything"

@KeithMcCullough 1:52PM


"Managing the risk of the markets range works in many ways; stay with the bullish bias until everyone capitulates"

@KeithMcCullough 1:24PM 


"Either I'll be really wrong here, or consensus stock bears/gold bulls will be right - game on"

@KeithMcCullough 10:11AM


"Pundits and English majors remain royally confused as to why buying each dip keeps working"

@KeithMcCullough 10:02AM


Keith's Top-5 Tweets Today - tweet