04/30/13 07:36AM EDT

In preparation for PNK's F1Q 2013 earnings release tomorrow, we’ve put together the recent pertinent forward looking company commentary.


  • "These trends continued into January, with similar patterns to what we saw in the fourth quarter, that being, overall visitation softness and declines largely seen in the Retail segment."
  • [Baton Rouge] "Overall, we're very pleased with the visitation trends, and look to keep our focus on driving additional regional plays, continuing our brand awareness efforts and hosting high-profile events throughout 2013 remains a priority. It's important to remember that cultivating VIP business take time, and we're confident that we can reach our goals, based on the quality of the property, extremely favorable guest response and the infrastructure we have in place, with an experienced host team, branch offices and a network of independent agents."
  • [River Downs] "Demolition of the grandstands and related facilities will be completed shortly, and we expect to begin construction of a new gaming entertainment center this quarter. We plan to open in the second quarter of 2014."
  • [River City] "The next two phases are progressing rapidly, with a multipurpose event center expected to come online by the summer and the hotel is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2013."
  • [Baton Rouge room renovation] "We're trying to get this next phase done before the summer season hits and then we would not continue with rooms until after Labor Day, next September."
  • "Now the other thing I'll just add is that we feel pretty good about the airlift that comes into Baton Rouge, the commercial airlift. And Baton Rouge is a vibrant and growing city. So from a longer-term point of view, we are very bullish on what we have in Baton Rouge."
  • [Marketing plans]  "We have forecasting tools, so we can anticipate the business volumes for those properties that have hotel demand. So there is trends that you can look out into the future and, therefore, adjust accordingly versus waiting for business volumes and then reacting. So I would just answer it more succinctly that we can react. And, really, plus react we can proactively adjust our marketing spend based on the business volumes that we're seeing with future demand, whether it be hotels, events, those kind of things, response rates. So we're pretty nimble when it comes to that." 
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