Morning Reads From Our Sector Heads

04/05/13 09:17AM EDT

Todd Jordan (GLL):

China culls poultry as bird flu death toll reaches six (via BBC)

Brian McGough (Retail):

Versace Sees Full-Year Growth — and Perhaps an IPO (via WWD)

Josh Steiner (Financials):

U.S. Regulator, Bank of America Reach Mortgage-Loss Settlement (via WSJ)

Money Spigot Opens Wider (via WSJ)

Kevin Kaiser (Energy):

Europe to Shut 10 Refineries as Profits Tumble (via Bloomberg)

Jay Van Sciver (Industrials):

Boeing Girds for 787 Battery Fix as Teams Near Biggest Fleet (via Washington Post)

Rob Campagnino (Consumer Staples):

China Bird Flu Deaths Rise to Six, Poultry Markets Shut (via Bloomberg)

Howard Penney (Restaurants):

Fast Food Workers Call For $15 An Hour Wage, Union Protections (via NY1)

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