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Footwear sales trends are showing that this space continues to be a 2-horse race. Nike and Under Armour winning – everybody else losing. UA driving running price points higher.

Here are some notable trends in the latest NPD footwear data (see charts below)…
1) Nike and UnderArmour are gaining share vs. last year. All other big brands are losing. Yes, this is a two-horse race.

2) Nike’s running share has come off by 10 points over the last five weeks. But UnderArmour has only captured 3% of the total market. What gives? Saucony (PSS), Puma, and Adidas split the difference.

3) Average price points in the running category are strong all around. Every brand is taking advantage of the high water mark being set by Nike and UnderArmour this Spring.

4) The ultimate water mark? Nike Air Max+ 2009 at a $160 price point. That’s BIG!