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Energy Expert Call: Misconceptions in the Oil Market - AA

Whether oil bull or bear, any investor involved or interested in energy markets should listen to this call. Chris Cook is experienced, unbiased and thoughtful.

"The end game is about to begin. On the one hand you have the noise and rhetoric.  Greedy speculators gouging gasoline prices; mad mullahs preparing to wipe Israel off the map; bunker buster bombs and fleets being positioned; huge demand for oil from the BRIC countries; China's insatiable thirst for oil; the oil price will head for $200 a barrel and will never again fall below $130... On the other hand you have the reality..."   

                                                        -Chris Cook

The Hedgeye Energy Team will be hosting an Expert Call on the Misconceptions in the Oil Market at 1:00pm EST on Monday, November 12th. The call will feature Chris Cook, former Compliance and Market Supervision Director of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Mr. Cook is now a strategic market consultant, commentator and entrepreneur. He specializes in many facets of global commodity markets, with a particular focus on how geopolitics, speculators, and central banks impact the crude oil prices. His views on the oil market are both fascinating and controversial. 

Key topics will include: 

  • The past, present, and future of global oil prices
  • Geopolitical factors influencing the oil markets, including the impact of the sanctions on Iran and the motives of the Saudis
  • Demand and inventories
  • Impacts of quantitative easing and the new political agenda  

Please dial in 5-10 minutes prior to the 1:00pm EST start time using the number provided below. Contact  if you have any further questions. 

  • Toll Free Number:
  • Direct Dial Number:
  • Conference Code: 166147#