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In preparation for STNR's 3Q earnings release tomorrow, we’ve put together the recent pertinent forward looking company commentary


  • "We expect revenue to be in a range of $192 million to $197 million, with Q3 earnings per share estimated at $0.85 to $0.90. Our full year guidance remains unchanged with 2012 revenue at $800 million to $820 million with resulting earnings per share guidance at $3.70 to $3.90."
  • "We have opened an additional seven new laser centers this quarter, bringing it up to nine for year and we continue to track well on our target of 15 new centers for 2012. Cash sales generated in the quarter exceeded expectations and increased our deferred revenue liability again on the balance sheet, which is a healthy barometer of the future earnings potential of our laser hair removal division....We expect and hope to open up more than 15 next year, which will propel growth for the future."
  • "Our estimate for the third quarter is for depreciation and amortization at $4.8 million...Above the line depreciation is expected to be $3.5 million." 
  • "Capital spending is expected to be $5 million in the third quarter."
  • "The scheduled capital repayment on the term loan commenced at the end of the first quarter of 2012 – at the end of each quarter of 2012 is an amount of $4.125 million and the interest rates on this loan for 2012 is anticipated to be LIBOR plus 2.5%."
  • [Schools segment]"Hopefully, not as soft in the third quarter, but we just haven't seen a full enrollment quarter yet. We've got enrollment starting here beginning of August and September, so it's a high enrollment quarter. So we're just tempted by the fact that the second quarter was softer than we expected and that's really the primary reason for us guiding a little lower here on the third quarter number."
  • [Product margin guidance of 31-32%]  "It's possible. Certainly, we saw a much better mix on board the ships, certainly with the North American passengers and that certainly supported stronger margins here in the quarter. We also saw less discounting channel taking that we have to get product into this quarter in both Europe and the North American channels that we're distributing to, so the whole of that helped us to create those margins."
  • [Ideal Image] "Thus far, there's positive growth in the same-store at this point in time. I think as we start to take a look at metrics maybe for next year, right now, we're giving you per center average revenue growth, which moved up again this quarter, so all of it points to very positive productivity thus far."
  • "Our schools have behaved in line with both a bad economic environment and unemployment. And certainly through 2009, 2010 and some of 2011, the schools performed right in line with that. So the counter-cyclicality nature of the business was proven in those times, and certainly as unemployment gets better, and more stability and direction comes into our economy later this year hopefully, we don't expect the schools to be the highest performer in our portfolio, but that's the beauty of the schools is they perform well when things are bad elsewhere and it balances our performance in our portfolio."
  • "The Q3 and Q4 numbers on spa vessels is a 114 for Q3 and a 113 for Q4. Non-spa for Q3 is 42 and 40 for Q4."
  •  [Land-based spas decrease in average weekly revs] "Some of the bigger properties both in the Caribbean and in Vegas underperformed expectations.  They didn't obviously yield manage sufficiently to get the spend there and I think it's following along the lines of some of the other consumer spend trends."
  • "There's definitely a lot of continuing pressure in Europe, we all know that. Consumer here is also a little under pressure, and I think our guidance is in line with that."