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Takeaway: Romney has one chance at a comeback and that is the upcoming debates. Otherwise, consider Obama a winner.

According to the latest data from 270towin.com, President Obama essentially has the election locked up with 97.2% of the wins. Intrade has the President’s odds of being reelected at 76%. Things just aren’t looking good for Romney at this point.

Data for Ohio shows Obama taking a near-six point percentage lead over Romney. If Romney doesn’t win Ohio, he’s basically done for. No Republican has ever won the Presidency without clinching Ohio. Romney has one last chance to win the voting public over and that is with the upcoming debates. If he can lay the smackdown on Obama in a meaningful, engaging way, he may have a shot at a comeback.

The Obama Election - 270towin 100112

The Obama Election - U of Coloaroad Electoral Table