Quote Of The Week: Tiger Woods

02/22/09 03:16PM EST
Tiger is making his comeback. On Friday, he was asked about expectations. Effectively, the media wants to know what he expects of himself in his first tour event post his rehab.

Question: Can you just talk about what your expectations are for the week, whether it's results oriented or play oriented?

Tiger Woods: Well, nothing changes from every time I enter, it's to win. So that's my intent, to go in there and win, and nothing has ever changed.

At the highest levels of competition, from sports to business, we’re looking for new leadership in this country. We want leaders who are transparent, accountable, and trustworthy. We want leaders whose handshake means more than the money they have made. We want winners who can win without using performance enhancing drugs or excessive leverage.

No excuses. No pretense. Tiger is a winner, and that’s what he wakes up expecting to do, every day of his life.

To all of those in positions of leadership in this country, from the US government to corporate America – this is the kind of leadership we can believe in.

Keith R. McCullough
CEO / Chief Investment Officer
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