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In preparation for ISLE's F1Q earnings release tomorrow, we’ve put together the recent pertinent forward looking company commentary

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Affirms PGCB Selection of Isle of Capri & Nemacolin Woodlands (Aug 21)

  • Expect to open Lady Luck Nemacolin 9-12 months after construction begins.


  • We're currently renovating rooms in Lake Charles and Black Hawk, and adding a new Lone Wolf Bar in Waterloo.
  • Our Lady Luck rebrand at Vicksburg will be completed about the same time as the expected opening at Cape Girardeau, with upgrades that will enhance the customer experience, including a Lone Wolf bar and Otis and Henry's casual dining restaurant.  
  • We are currently finalizing plans for a major renovation of the pavilion in Lake Charles. We're working with the Kansas City Port Authority on the development of an RFP for a third-party hotel and other outburst of development opportunities at our Kansas City property, and we're evaluating a new concept for a land-based gaming facility in Bettendorf.
  • Vicksburg, we think we've turned the corner. We have made some improvements to the staff. 
  • Biloxi:  “Real softness in midweek hotel demand. Room rates are way down. We really haven't seen an impact from Boyd or New Palace. As you know, Margaritaville opened at the end of May, no real big impact there, but it's a very aggressive promotional war in Biloxi, probably more than anywhere.”
  • Kansas City Speedway opening promotional activity impact: “It hasn't got completely out of hand, but – and we don't necessarily expect anything long-term, but we have seen an uptick there.”