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The bulls, Tim Geithner and Barack Obama have all failed us, says Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. Bank bailouts don’t bode well for the markets – this is clear. The failed policies of the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund are getting us nowhere. McCullough doesn’t like the bailouts and neither do the markets. But don’t tell Christine Lagarde that.

“At the end of the day you can make mistakes, losers can win and I think the entire general population is sick and tired of it and that’s why there’s outflows out of equities. Markets are going lower, not higher,”  says McCullough

Others thought Greece and the uncertainty with the June 17thelections were the market catalyst. That’s great. We’re going to stick to being realists and following the TRADE, TREND and TAIL durations on the S&P 500. Wishful thinking only takes you so far. This is an election year. Does the general public want to follow in the footsteps of Europe? Do they want another Hank Paulson? Not a chance.