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For the last week or so Anna Massion has been emailing me the offers she’s received from various Las Vegas casino hotels. Anna is one of our gaming/lodging gurus so of course, she has spent some time in Vegas over the last several years. It’s been years since either one of us have seen deals like this. I’ve included a few below:

• The Venetian: $119 per night with over $150 in resort credits – unless LVS is getting a cut of the airline fare, they can’t be making money on this deal. As Anna said, “it’s like they pay me to stay there”.
• Encore: $140 per night – not good for a new luxury hotel
• Wynn Las Vegas: $129 per night – can you say cannibalization?
• Four Seasons: $280 for one night plus a $150 credit – this isn’t coming out of the Four Seasons cut
• Mandalay Bay: $79.99 per night – sounds much better than $80

These are just the most recent promotions. What’s interesting is the progression over the past 3 months. Each promotion is more and more generous. Wait a few months and they’ll pay your mortgage too.