This is part quiz, part narrative – a great tale of two stories.

Company ‘A’ is gaining market share, Company ‘B’ is losing on the margin.

‘A’ has 15% of its balance sheet is cash, while ‘B’ has 35% debt

‘A’ has an improving sales/inventory trajectory with increasingly easy Gross margin and SG&A compares – the inverse of ‘B.’ (See SIGMA charts below -- they are vita to understand the fundamental profitability and cash trajectory. Let me know if you need explanation).

‘A’ has 35% of its float short, while ‘B’ sits at just 3%.

‘A’ has seen the beginnings of management buying, management at ‘B’ is selling.

‘A’ has no exposure to India, ‘B’ has a 60% interest in the largest textile mill in India – by far the most unstable major country on the globe right now.

‘A’ trades at 3.2x EBITDA. ‘B’ is nearing 6x.

If you guessed that ‘A’ is Columbia Sportswear and ‘B’ is VF Corp, then you’re a winner (and you’ve probably been buying COLM and selling VFC).

Some of my Partner Keith’s levels on each stock…
COLM is a layup buy down at 27.85
if VFC misses another #, it’s going to 37