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We think the high end is slowing, but if so someone forgot to tell the footwear space. Shoes $130 and above are running 40% ahead of last year.  Great for FL and NKE.

We’ve been getting very mixed reads on the state of the high-end consumer. Tiffany looking good, some European Lux brands softening, and high hardgoods (watches, etc…) slowing meaningfully. But if there is, in fact, a slowdown, someone forgot to tell the footwear industry.

We’re seeing a clear bifurcation between high-end vs. lower end footwear. Simply put, the high end is crushing it. Out of all the price categories the strongest sales performance is $130 and above. While only 10% of the industry in aggregate, its data that we won’t ignore – especially when trending about 40% ahead of last year.

Check out charts below.

FW: If The Price is Right… - FW 70 band 9 1 11



FW: If The Price is Right… - FW 100 band 9 1 11



FW: If The Price is Right… - FW 130 band 9 1 11