Do yourself a favor. Take four minutes and watch Keith McCullough and Josh Steiner sum up the banking industry’s woes in the video above.

“Changes are coming to the banking industry,” Steiner explains in this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye. “This is not a tempest in the teapot, where things blow over after a little while. From a longer-term standpoint, capital requirements will go up, returns are going to go down. The industry has been structurally impaired.”

Hedgeye’s Financials analyst expects more people will move their money to higher-yield savings accounts or out of the banking system altogether. Meanwhile, stricter underwriting will put pressure on the lending side of the business.

“It’s rare you have a 100% probability in anything, but there is a 100% chance based on what Steiner said that everything is tighter than what it would’ve been if those things didn’t happen to those banks,” McCullough explains.

Watch the full clip above.

Steiner: “Banking Industry Has Been Structurally Impaired” - Call Banner