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Below are some observations on Japan from Michael Blum, Hedgeye's COO, who is based in Singapore.

"It is 5:45am here in Singapore. We are watching NHK World, the Japanese National Public Broadcasting Organization’s English language channel. The pictures we see are much worse than what is being shown on CNN International, Fox News or the BBC.

All night, we have listened to evacuation notices by the Japanese government trying to reach people in all of the northern provinces and warning them of after-shocks and, most seriously, additional Tsunamis. These evacuation notices have been posted in Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and English.

Massive amounts of land are still under water as the Land of the Rising Sun welcomes this day. Total devastation. We see fires of the most unimaginable scale beyond what has been shown on western television in the last 15 hours.

The damage and casualties will be beyond what can be imagined and comprehended by our simple minds."

Michael Blum

Chief Operating Officer