Below is a chart and excerpt from today's Early Look written by CEO Keith McCullough. 

One of the better books that incorporates Austrian Economic assumptions into markets and cycles is the book I’ve been citing this year: The Dao of Capital, by Mark Spitznagel.

“A homeostatic system, by its very nature, is always in flux, self-correcting when it strays too far in one direction or another. Never static, it is animated by a process of continuous discovery, balancing and re-balancing based on the information available through self-monitoring…”

“Just as Austrians already knew about many of the recent “discoveries” of behavioral scientists, we will see that Austrian tradition describes the market process in ways very compatible with modern cybernetics – the study of communication and control within a system.”

I’ll review this during our Q4 Macro Themes presentation today at 11AM ET (ping if you’d like access to this presentation and 160+ slides of new data/content. It's available exclusively to Macro Pro subscribers.)

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