In this critical daily clip from The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough discusses the outlook of multiple #Quad4s for the foreseeable future, and how to successfully trade during this extended bear market.

“Don’t mistake how bearish I am fundamentally with how I am positioned daily. The daily positioning could move around a lot. How I capitalize on the whole cycle is just that,” says McCullough. “Where to cover your shorts in a bear market is a real important thing.”

“The next part of the movie is going from 1.6% [YoY growth] to ZERO. That’s what you’re positioning for… This is our path for the next 4 quarters.”

Join Hedgeye’s Mid-Quarter Update 8/10 at 11am to learn more about generating alpha amid market turmoil. Replay will be available after the webcast concludes (contact to upgrade to access this Macro Pro-exclusive event).

Rate Of Change: Are You Bearish Enough? - Macro Mid Quarter Update C