McCullough: Numbers Trump Nonsensical Narratives

08/02/22 02:41PM EDT

No punches were pulled this morning on The Macro Show when Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough was asked whether Germany, Japan or China would be the biggest blowups in this bear market.

“The thing about narratives—and why so many people bite on them and click on them—is that they require literally no knowledge to believe them,” explains McCullough. “The thing about numbers is that it takes a shitload of work and a lot of discipline.”

“Don’t tell me how brilliant someone is, or what their SAT score is,” he adds. “Show me how they grind. Show me their process. Show me their routine. Show me their context. Show me every single word that comes out of their mouth mathematically when something that’s throw at them is bullish. Then we’ll be talking about someone who gets my respect.”

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